About Us

05/06/2017 6:06 AM

Our Story

We are a team of effectually passionate SEO experts. We built atoztools to help digital marketers and content creators scale their businesses.

atoztools all began with one simple idea: Let’s make premium quality SEO tools accessible for EVERYONE. Since then, there hasn't been any looking back! What started as a small website with only a few basic tools transformed into the web’s ultimate inventory of free SEO tools.

Our vision is to create SEO tools that are just as good as the paid ones and make the same available for everyone on the web for absolutely free. This we have been doing since 2018 and are still expanding.

Our Principles

At atoztools, our ideologies are very different from what is out there. We believe that there is a better way to do marketing. We believe that just as the best things in life are free, the best SEO tools should be free for people to use.

We're obsessively passionate about it, and that is why we give out our tools and content 100% free of charge.

Our mission is to provide excellent SEO tools that can compete with the paid ones out there, or even perform better than them — but free for anyone to use.

We focus on search engine optimization and content because these are the crux of Internet marketing. Once you get your content and SEO right, the traffic will flow and ultimately your sales.

SEO on its own is so complex and not easily understood or implementable. We see that as an opportunity to help people — we're excited to simplify SEO for everyone through our tools, education, and community.

Our Growth

Since our founding, atoztools has grown from strength to strength, both internally and externally. Here are some of our numbers:

Our Tools

From just 10 SEO tools, we now run over 50 remarkable SEO and content tools in more than 10 categories, probably the largest concentration of SEO tools in one place on the Internet today. But not only has the number of our tools grew, the quality has also seen a significantly massive improvement.

Our Reach

Our atoztools are being used by millions of people from 100+ countries around the world.

Number of Users

Our user strength has also grown impressively. Since its inception, our tools have been used by millions of people the world over.

Media Coverage

We are loved, talked about, and recommended in places like Microsoft, Mashable, Moz,, Hubspot, Search Engine Journal, Ahrefs, Lifehack, Woorank, Issuu, Steemit, and numerous others.

Who Can Use atoztools?

Over the years, atoztools has become the go-to platform for different groups of online marketers. Our ideal users include:

  • Website administrators
  • Website owners
  • SEO professionals
  • Bloggers
  • Webmasters
  • Freelance writers
  • Proofreaders
  • Content editors
  • Video editors
  • Marketing managers
  • Online ad agencies
  • Infographic creators
  • Web designers
  • Web developers
  • Online photographers
  • Web developers
  • Online photographers
  • Research experts
  • Teachers
  • Students

Reach Out To Us

Got questions or ideas you'd like to share? Want to interview our CEO? Need help or support with any of our tools? Want to share a testimonial? Or just want to say hi?

You can always get in touch with us at

PS: We noticed that over time, some websites that try to mimic or emulate our platform and tools have popped in a few places around the web. We'd like to state here that the only official website of atoztools is All our tools, news, and content are hosted only on this domain.